Research Interests:

Developing multi-omic computational approaches to decode complex biological phenomena and underlying molecular interplay. Specifically, to decode cryptic splicing, alternative polyadenylation and regulatory networks in neurological disorders. Investigating RNA processing and translation to disease prognosis. Advancing RNA centric therapeutic approaches.

Education and training:

I did my bachelor’s in Bioinformatics from Jaypee University of Information Technology, India in 2007 and M.S. in Bioinformatics from International Institute of Information Technology-Hyderabad, India in 2009. I received my Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics from The University of Hong Kong, in 2014. My dissertation was on Computational Approaches for Protein Function and Gene Association Networks” in Dr. Junwen Wang’s lab. After doctoral studies, I did my postdoctoral training primarily focusing on computational neurogenomics jointly in the laboratories of Dr. Zhandong Liu and Dr. Huda Zoghbi at the Neurological Research Institute, Baylor College of Medicine.